Definition of a Computer – Advantages and Disadvantages of a Computer

Definition of a Computer:

Definition: A computer is a programmable machine. It responds to the specific set of instructions in a well-defined manner and it can execute a prerecorded list of instructions.

Definition of a Computer

Modern Computers: Modern computers have two parts – an electronic part and a digital part. The hardware consists of wires, transistors, and circuits. The instructions and data are called software.

Hardware Components Required:

Memory: It enables a computer to share information and data.

Mass Storage Device: It allows a computer to retain large amounts of data. It included solid state drives (SSD) or disk drives and tape drives.

Input Devices: Devices such as keyboard and mouse enable us to pass data and instructions to the computer.

Output Device: Devices such as monitor and printer enable us to derive information from the computer.

Central Processing Unit (CPU): It is known as the heart of the computer. This is because it is the part of the computer which is responsible for executing instructions.

Bus: Transmits data from one part of the computer to another.

Advantages of a Computer:

The computer from the beginning of its invention has changed a lot of things. It has changed the way of life of the society. It allows us to do various tasks quickly and easily hence saves a lot of labor, time and money.

Almost all major organizations use the computer for keeping records of their customers. Banks use computers for maintaining various accounts and managing money transactions. Nowadays online banking has also come into play. Computers have enabled us to check our account balance using the internet. Financial transactions have also been made online.

Computers can be used for regular tasks such as paying bills. Computers are also used for various entertainment purposes such as listening to songs and watching movies. Various social media such as Facebook, Instagram are used for sharing and communication.

Computers are used by students as an educational tool. Students can get a lot of information on the internet through a computer.

Listed below are a Few Advantages of Computer:

Advantages of a Computer

Multitasking: Multitasking makes a job easier and saves time. We can do many things together in a computer. We can perform multiple tasks, operations and calculate numerical problems within a few seconds.

Speed: A computer is more than a calculating device. It is very fast and allows us to do our tasks very quickly.

Stores Huge Amounts of Data: Computers can store a large amount of data. It can store files, documents, images, and videos.

Accuracy: Computers can solve numerical problems with accuracy.

Data Security: Computers can protect data. They secure us from cyber attackers. In cybercrime and cyber access is reduced.

Increases your Productivity: With the help of a computer, we can do any work with less effort and time. By using a computer we save our energy and time. We can create, store, edit, share and print documents. Without a computer, this may take a lot of time.

Internet Connection: The Internet is the main advantage of a computer. We can derive a lot of information in the form of documents or videos using the internet.

Organizes the Information: When we store a lot of information in a computer, we can arrange or segregate the information alphabetically, which helps us to find any information in no time.

Keeps Everyone Connected: We can stay connected with millions of people using a computer. There are various social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram through which we can share information with many people at the same time. For official purposes, we can use E-mail, which helps us send mail to a person in a short time. For video calling, we have applications such as Skype which enables us to talk to a person place to place, no matter where the other person is. Through YouTube, we can share content for others to see.

A Tool for Students: Computers can be a great tool for students. Students can use Google to get information about anything. They can use YouTube to understand a particular concept. In addition to that students can create and share documents among themselves.

Can Get You Money: By uploading contents on YouTube, you can earn a lot of money if you get enough subscribers. Starting an online store you can earn a lot of money as compared to a local store. This is because in online stores you can have global recognition and people from all over the world can order products from your site.

Helps to Automate: A great feature of a computer is to automate a machine. For example, in car manufacturing factories, a robotic arm can be programmed in such a way that it can repeat the steps we want it to do.

Help Physically Challenged: People who cannot talk can communicate through computers. People can also speak using a computer like Stephen Hawking. By installing special software a blind person can read what is on the screen.

Dating Sites: Millions of people have found their love through the internet. Dating sites enable us to contact people having common interests.

Entertainment: Computers can entertain us in various ways. We can now listen to millions of songs via the internet. We can surf social media in our free time. It allows us to download movies or watch them online.

Disadvantages of a Computer:

Cyber Crime: Since the computer is now used all over the world by millions of people to save data, hence there are some people who try to get the data by hacking an account. The illegal way of deriving information by sneaking through other’s account is known as cybercrime. People also hack other people’s social media account and do unwanted things to get them into trouble. There are some agencies which try to arrest these kinds of people.

Disadvantages of a Computer

Increases Unemployment: Computers have taken the place of man as computers are very fast and accurate and also save money and time. Due to this, unemployment has increased.

Uses Electricity: Some people are so dependent on a computer that they sit in front of a computer screen for the whole day. This uses a lot of electricity. Since electricity is an exhaustible resource, we must use it wisely.

Dependence: Some people are so addicted and dependent on a computer that they cannot live without it. It creates problems among loved ones and family members.

Makes People Lazy: Due to the convenience of the computer, people deny doing physical activity. This has made people lazy and unhealthy.

Computer Classification by Size and Power:

 Computer Classification by Size and Power

Personal Computer: It is the basic type of computer. It has some microprocessor, a keyboard,  monitor and storage device to store data.

Work Station: It is like a personal computer but has a more powerful microprocessor and high-quality monitor.

Mini Computer: Ten to hundred users can use this computer simultaneously.

Supercomputer: It is a very fast computer and it can follow many instructions per second. D

From the above information, we have known the basic features of a computer, different types of computer, advantages, and disadvantages of the computer. If used wisely, the computer can become a tool of success, and if the misused computer can ruin the lives of many people. Positive use of a computer can make the world a better place.

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