National Science Day – 28th February – History, Significance, Importance.

For the 1928 discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian scientist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, February 28 is National Science Day. This discovery changed physics and earned Raman the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physics. National Science Day began on February 28, 1987, to commemorate the discovery. NCSTC and ISCA initiated it. The day promotes science and its use.

Significance of Science Day

  • National Science Day celebrates India’s scientific accomplishments and prospects for worldwide recognition.
  • It promotes science awareness and encourages young people to study science.
  • Discuss India’s scientific and technical achievements on the day.
  • It emphasizes using science and technology for sustainable development and human wellbeing.
National Science Day

Theme of Science Day

Every year National Science Day has a specific theme related to recent scientific developments.

  • The theme for 2023 National Science Day is “Global Science for Global Wellbeing”. It highlights utilizing science as a tool for global cooperation to enhance people’s welfare worldwide.
  • The theme for 2024 is yet to be declared by the government. It will focus on some recent advancement in science with applications for society’s progress.

Importance of Science Day

National Science Day holds great importance for the scientific community and citizens of India for the following reasons:

Promotes Scientific Temper

  • The day spreads awareness about emerging trends in science and technology.
  • It highlights the achievements of Indian scientists which inspires young minds to take up science as a career.

Showcases India’s Progress

  • The day commemorates India’s march towards becoming a scientifically and technologically advanced country.
  • It is an occasion to reflect on the country’s success in areas like space technology, IT, renewable energy etc.

Emphasizes Application of Science

  • The themes always focus on using scientific knowledge for improving people’s lives.
  • National Science Day thus spreads awareness about deploying technology for human welfare.

Builds Scientific Attitude

  • Celebrating National Science Day motivates people especially students to question existing knowledge.
  • It helps to inculcate a scientific attitude and temperament for the overall progress of society.

Encourages Innovation

  • The day inspires future scientists and technologists to come up with cutting-edge innovations for national growth.
  • It provides a platform for students and researchers to showcase their talents, novel ideas, and prototypes.

How National Science Day is Celebrated

National Science Day is celebrated extensively by various organizations throughout the country to promote science:

Government Initiatives

  • The central government organizes various programs and announcements to celebrate the day. National science conferences are also held.
  • The Department of Science and Technology (DST) confers national science awards like Young Scientists Award to encourage young talent.

Academic Institutions

  • Various awareness programs are conducted in schools and colleges through seminars, debates, quiz competitions, exhibitions etc. Special lectures by eminent scientists are also organized.
  • Science centers, museums and other institutions organize open houses, science film festivals, lectures, and science demonstrations to explain the various principles of science to common people.

Media Engagement

  • TV channels showcase science-related documentaries, discussions etc.
  • Special science editions of newspapers and magazines are also brought out.

Private Sector Participation

  • The private sector also actively participates by setting up science exhibitions, quiz contests etc. to kindle interest in science among people especially children.


  • Thus, February 28 is a day to rejoice in India’s achievements in science over the years.
  • At the same time, it inspires young minds to contribute towards using science constructively for national development.
  • It serves the vision of spreading scientific temper and knowledge among all sections of society.


The celebrations have led to increased enthusiasm towards science across the country. As a result, India has witnessed tremendous progress in scientific research and applications over the years. National Science Day has played a big role in making science synonymous with national pride and identity.

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