The Evolution of Windows OS

Microsoft’s Windows operating system was first introduced in 1985 it’s Name “Windows 1.0”. Over 32 years later a lot has changed, but somethings stay the same.

Timeline of Microsoft Windows:

Year and Name of the Operating System Logo
1985 – Windows 1.0. Won’t it explode if ipress this button? Windows 1.0 Logo
1995 – Windows 95. How to find secret Doors in Doom? Windows 95 logo
1998 – Windows 98. My first Internet experience. Windows 98 Logo
2000 – Windows 2000. I am Feeling lucky to meet the new millennium. Windows 2000 Logo
2001 – Windows XP. Confess, you also Solitaire at work?</td> Windows XP Logo
2007 – Windows Vista. Bro, will you add me on Facebook? Windows Vista Logo
2009 – Windows 7. Just fed my pigs on Famville. Windows 7 Logo
2012 – Windows 8. Thinner. Lighter. Faster. Windows 8 Logo
2015 – Windows 10. Windows NT family of operating systems. Windows 10 logo
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