About The Computer Mouse information

About The Computer Mouse information. The mouse is a pointing device. You can give input to the computer with the help of the mouse.

  • A computer mouse looks like a real mouse.
  • It usually has two buttons and a wheel in mouse.
  • The mouse is always kept on a mouse pad.

Computer mouse parts info

Along with the keyboard if you also learn how to work with a computer mouse, working on a computer would be easy.  Let us study about  various of the mouse.

Clicking: To press and release the mouse button

Clicking means the pressing and releasing of the mouse buttons. It takes place after pointing at an item.

Click -> To press and release the mouse button

Press once

Single –Click:

To release the left mouse button after pressing it once is called single-click. A single-click is for selecting an item.

 Click -> Press once


Double-Click: Double-Click

To release the left mouse button after pressing it twice quickly is called double-click. A double –click opens the selected item.

Click >> Click Click 


Right ClickRight – Click:

To Release the right mouse button after pressing it once,  a list of Properties of the selected item.

Right-click: To press the right button of the mouse. 


Computer Mouse Glossary :


Mouse: It is pointing device.

Clicking:  Pressing and releasing the mouse button to make the computer do some work.

Double-click:  To press the left mouse button twice quickly, before releasing it.

Right-click: To Press the right mouse button once different purposes.

Single-click:  To press the left mouse button once before purposes.

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