Computer History With Timeline(1970 – 1979)

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1970 – UNIX is an operating system developed by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and others developers of Bell Labs research center.It’s entirely written in C language., making it portable across multiple platforms and choice among mainframes at large companies and government entities. Due to the slow nature of the system, it never quite gained traction among home PC users.
1970 – Intel Corporation’s William Regitz, Joel Karp and his colleagues at Honeywell introduced the Dynamic Random-Access Memory(DRAM) chip, Intel 1103 which ended the Era of magnetic-core memory. However, the Intel 1103 came to market in quantity in 1972 at 1 cent per bit.
1971 – Intel Corporation introduces the first commercially available microprocessor, the Intel 4004 a 4-bit central processing unit(CPU) designed under the leadership of Federico Faggin. Designed by John Blankenbaker the Kenbak-1 was the world’s first “personal computer” sold for US$750
1973 – The Vietnamese-French engineer, Andre Truong Trong Thi, along with Francois Gernelle, developed the Micral N computer, first of the Micral series of microcomputers.It used the Intel 8008 processor and was the first commercial non-assembly computer and sold for $1,750.
1973 – SCAMP (Special Computer APL Machine Portable) a portable single user computer developed by the IBM Palo Alto Scientific Center and in 1983,PC Magazine designated SCAMP a “revolutionary concept” and “the world’s first personal computer”.
1973 – After Douglas Engelbart’s on-Line System (NLS),released on March 1, 1973 Xerox Alto was the first personal fully functional computer with display and mouse developed at Xerox PARC and also was the first to use desktop metaphor.The computer operated like many computers today utilizing windows, menus and icons as an interface to its operating system.
1975 – Launched by IBM, IBM 5100 was first commercial portable microcomputer integrated with IBM PALM processor, 5 inch CRT display, tape driver,64 kb RAM, full function keyboard and about 55 pounds of weight.. It has the ability to run the programme in both APL and BASIC. In the same year, David Emberson in the MIT Digital Systems Laboratory build MIT Suitcase Computer, the first known microprocessor-based portable computer priced 4000 USD.

First commercial portable microcomputer
Microcomputer Launched by IBM

1975 – Ed Roberts coined the term “personal computer” when he introduced the microcomputer Altair 8800 based on the Intel 8080 CPU.
1976 – Xerox NoteTaker developed at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto, California by Adele Goldberg, Douglas Fairbairn, and Larry Tesler by researching on Alan Kay’s Dynabook project where he described concept for a transportable computer.This model greatly influenced the design of Osborne 1 and Compaq Portable computers.
1976 – Apple Inc formerly known as Apple Computer Inc. was founded on April Fool’s Day by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne to develop and sell personal computers. The Apple I (Apple 1) was the first product of the Company designed and developed by Steve Wozniak.and started selling on the idea of Steve Jobs. To develop Apple I, Steve job sold his VW Microbus and Wozniak his HP-65 calculator for $500. The Apple I contained a 6502 8-bit processor and 4 kb of memory, which was expandable using expansion card but for operating it require a power supply, display, keyboard, and case to be operational.
1977 – Tandy Corporation launched TRS-80 Microcomputer System (TRS-80) is the earliest mass-produced personal desktop microcomputer and sold through their Radio Shack stores.

TRS-80 Micro Computer System
Tandy Corporation launched TRS-80 Micro Computer System

1977 – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold the first Apple II computer West Coast Computer Faire. It comprises of MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor, two game paddles,4 kB of RAM, an audio cassette interface for loading programs and storing data, and the Integer BASIC programming language built into the ROMs.
1978 – VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet computer program launched for personal computers, originally released for the Apple II. It consists of 6502 assembler running on the Multics time sharing.
1979 – James Murez designed and patented the Micro star,a portable computer and later changed its name to The Small One.
1979 – Written for the CP/M operating system, and developed by Rob Barnaby Wordstar was the first Word processor application published by MicroPro International. From WordStar 4.0, Peter Mierau started to write the new code for the program.
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