What is Fiber Internet? How does it Work?

A cable which is used to transmit data by using fibers or glass threads is known as fiber optic cable. This cable can be built with a bunch of fibers or glass threads, which are capable of transmitting data modulated on light waves. These cables have high bandwidth, less susceptible, much thinner. So that more digital data can be carried. This is a very popular technology used for LANs (local area networks). Additionally, these cables are used for internet purpose in telephone companies to replace traditional cables. One day, almost all the broadband internet connections will use fiber optic cables instead of DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) cables.

What is Fiber Internet?

There are different kinds of broadband internets available in the market to transfer the data by using broadband connections like DSL, cable, satellite, etc. But each kind of network is dissimilar in the way of data transfer and each type offers exclusive advantages.

The broadband internet is the Fiber Internet, which uses fiber optic technology to achieve the highest speeds of data transfer like 1Gpbs or 10000 Mbps. In the modern world, broadband internet powered by fiber optic is very important. Fiber internet is the latest transform to the way information is transmitted around the world. There are many benefits of using this internet as much faster, carries huge data and transfers terabits of information easily.

How does it Work?

How does it Work?

Fiber optic cables are designed with minor optical fibers which are very thin less than a thickness of a human hair. Each fiber internet cable includes two parts namely the core and the cladding. The Core is made up of glass and it is the inner part of the fiber optic, wherever the light passes through this cable.

The Cladding is made up of thick plastic layer or glass and it is covered around the core. So the total internal reflection can be formed by using these two parts of the cable. The total internal reflection is nothing but how light beam can pass down in the bottom of the cable without running away. 

Fiber optic Cable capable

The working of fiber internet cable is, when the light strikes the glass in 42 degrees angle then immediately it reflects. The cladding in the cable maintains the light beam within the core because the plastic or the glass is made up of with less refractive index otherwise dissimilar optical density. Both these can refer to how the glass turns and thus slows down the beam.

Beam transmits down the cable in LED very fast which carries binary code that makes up the whole thing we observe on the Internet. Here binary code includes bits just like zeros and ones which transmits messages in organized bytes. 

The conversion of bits from binary to light pulses is very simple. Here bits are denoted with pulse where one pulse means 1 & no pulse means 0. These pulses transmit long distances before they experience any degradation. It transmits data up to thousands of miles using optical amplifiers to increase the signal so that no data will be lost.

Type of Fiber Optic Cable:

Type of Fiber Optic Cable

From the above information finally we can conclude that fiber internet cables are better to compare with other cables due to their benefits like carries data for long distances, it doesn’t affect by radio or electrical interferences

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