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The world is changing with an amazing invention i.e, the internet. So that one can connect to communicate and transfer the information easily and safely. By using the internet, so much of the data can be transferred. But to make the internet safe and better, Safer Internet Day is reminding everyone to protect themselves from unauthorized transactions, social networking, and cybersecurity, etc. This day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of February. About 10 years ago, the awareness of Internet safety day has started In Europe to raise awareness. At present, it is growing exponentially worldwide.

Safer Internet Day: Together for a better internet!

Safer Internet Day – History

At first, Safer Internet Day was started in the year 2004 by a European network namely “InSafe”. It is an awareness center that promotes how to use safer as well as better usage of the Internet. It became an initiative from Europe to spread quickly worldwide. In the year 2012, the internet safety day has gained official recognition in the US country with a combined agreement of the Homeland Security Department in the US & the European Commission. At present, a safer internet day is celebrating worldwide.

How to Celebrate and Support?

To celebrate a safer internet day, first, all we need to do is work towards the growth of the online safety portfolio. If we see any cases on cyberbullying, we have to communicate by connecting with people worldwide and check your uniqueness is steadily protected. Follow the latest apps for guarding yourself & follow-up on the breaking news regarding internet security.

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Online / Internet Safety Tips

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The finest way to observe a safer internet day is to confirm that you securely browse the Internet. For that one should need to update their software as well as installing the most recent antivirus & malware software or by using parental locks with secure passwords. 

Safer Internet Day is a great reminder for Internet security so that one can take precautions properly from the cybersecurity by sharing a word in social media about this day by using this tag #SaferInternetDay.

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