Technical and Important Abbreviations for General Knowledge

Find Abbreviations quiz questions and answers general knowledge GK. Common Abbreviations are extremely important for General Knowledge.

COMPUTER – Common Oriented Machine. Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research.
GOOGle – Global Organization of Oriented Group Language Of Earth.
PAN – Permanent account number.
PDF – Portable document format.
WINDOW – Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution.
YAHOO – Yet Another Hierarchical
ATM – Automated Teller machine.
SIM – Subscriber Identity Module.
Wi-Fi – Wireless fidelity.
VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Siege.
VPN – Virtual Private network.
IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity.
ESN – Electronic Serial Number.
HDMI – High – Definition Multimedia Interface.
UPS -Uninterruptible power supply.
OLED – Organic Light-Emitting Diode.
LED – Light Emitting Diode.
UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications System.
AMOLED – Active-Matrix Organic Light_Emitting Diode.
APN – Access Point Name.
WVGA – Wide Video Graphics Array.S
QVGA – Quarter Video Graphics Array.
VGA – Video Graphics Array.
ROM – Read Only Memory
DLNA – Digital Living Network Alliance.
USB – Universal Serial Bus.
LCD – Liquid Crystal Display.
RAM – Random Access Memory.
CCTV – Closed Circuit TeleVision
SMS – Short Message Service
WWW – World Wide Web
SD CARD – Secure Digital Card
URL – Uniform Resource Locator
LAN – LOcal Area Network
IP – Internet Protocol
ISP – Internet Service Provider
GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol
GPU – Graphics Processing Unit
LTE – Long Term Evolution
PNG – Portable Network Graphics
I/O – Input/ Output
HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language
JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group
CAPTCHA – Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart
MAC(Address) – Media Access Control
SQL – Structured Query Language
SSL – Secure Sockets Layer
WXGA – Widescreen Extended Graphics Array.
PPI – Pixels Per Inch.
WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network.
GPRS – General Packet Radio Service
HSPA – High Speed Packet Access.
EDGE – ENhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution.
HSUPA – High-Speed Uplink Packet Access.
HSDPA – High speed downLink Packet access.
SNS – Social Network Service.
O.S – Operating System.
OTG – On-the-Go
NFC – Near Field Communication.
WCDMA – Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access.
CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access.
DVD – Digital Video Disk.
GPS – Global Positioning System.
MPEG – Moving Pictures Experts Group.
ACER – Acquisition Collaboration Experimentation Reflection.
DELL – Digital Electronic Link Library.
GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications.
JOKE – Joy of Kids Entertainment
COLD – Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease.
NEWSPAPER – North East West South Past and Present Events Report.
IVRS – Interactive Voice Response System.
CHESS – Chariot, Horse, Elephant, Soldiers
AIM – Ambition in Mind.
SMILE – Sweet Memories in Lips Expression.
PEN – Power Enriched in Nib
DATE – Day and Time Evolution.
TEA – Taste and Energy Admitted.
EAT – Energy and Taste.
BYE – Be with you Every Time.
OR – Orl Korec(Greek Word).
OK – Objection Killed
etc – End of Thinking Capacity.

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