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Windows 7 is a GUI operating system software which provides graphical environment to work on computer. if you want to modify the working environment, Windows provide you various options to adjust it as per your needs. this chapter covers many such aspects of windows 7 which will help you to personalize your working environment in your computer.

What is Windows 7?Starting Windows 7

Windows 7 is an Operating System software which tells the computer, what and how to do as it takes your instructions and passes them to the computer to get your work done by it. You can give instructions to the computer through different options. You can open programs by using small pictures called Icons. As everything on it is represented graphically in the forms of pictures or menus, that’s why it is called Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Components of Windows 7

The different components of windows, which help us to interact with computer are:

Components of Windows 7


This is the first screen which appears when the Windows 7 is loaded in the computer’s memory.

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Operating System acts as the manager in the computer system.


Small graphical representations of various files/folders programs or applications are known as Icons. These icons help to quickly open the files/ folders or programs by double clicking on them.

Different Types of Icons


Shortcut is a link to any item on the computer such as a program, file, folder or printer at any location in the computer.We just have to click the shortcut and the associated item opens up. Shortcuts are displayed as icons on the screen. They make our work easy and save our time.


It helps to manage the various currently active programs opened in different windows. we can switch between these programs by clicking their buttons on the taskbar.


Start ButtonStart Button

It is known as the gateway to windows and its programs. We can work with any of the windows applications or perform any kind of settings by using its different options.

Start MenuStart Menu

It is divided into two panes-left pane and right pane. The left pane is used to access programs or to search files/ folders in the computer and the right pane gives access to some common folders like Documents, pictures, music etc.

Show Desktop

Windows 7 provides a new feature called Aero peek through which you can instantly minimize your entire screen to view the desktop.

Place your mouse pointer on the Show Desktop button on right comer of the taskbar.

All the window become transparent. You can see the desktop.

Click on the Show Desktop button to view the desktop. Each window minimizes on the taskbar.

If you want to see the windows again, click again on Show Desktop button.

Show Desktop

Date and Time

On the right side of the taskbar in the notification area, current date and time is displayed and when the mouse pointer is placed on it, Day and Date are also displayed. Even if the computer is switched off, your computer keeps date and time updated automatically with the help of a small battery inside.

Date and Time - Windows Settings

But, sometimes if the date and time is not updated due to weak battery, you can set it right as follows:Windows Settings - change date and time settings

  • Single click date and time in the notification area to open calendar and clock.
  • Click change date and time settings in it to open Date and Time dialog box.
  • Click change date and time button in it.
  • Modify the calendar setting as needed to select the correct date and time.

To update time:

  • Click on hours, minutes or seconds whatever has to be changed.
  • Use up/down buttons to change their values.
  • With the change in the time in digital clock, analog clock is automatically updated.Windows Settings - change date and time
  • Close the date and time dialog box by clicking OK button as the notification area will start showing the current time and date.

Desktop Background

Children, you can also change the Desktop screen of your Windows to give it a look the way you want it to be. Background is the picture or graphics which appears on the desktop behind the icons.To change this background picture, follow these steps:

  • Place the mouse pointer anywhere on the desktop and click right mouse button to open a shortcut menu.
  • Click the personalize option in the menu.Windows Settings - Desktop Background
  • Click on Desktop Background option from the personalization window.Windows Settings - Desktop Background2
  • From the picture Location list select the category from where you want to choose the picture or click Browse to locate the picture on your computer.Windows Settings - Desktop Background3
  • Now double click the picture to make it your desktop background.Windows Settings - Desktop Background3

Setting paint Drawing as Desktop BackgroundSetting paint Drawing as Desktop Background

You can also set your paint drawing as background on the Desktop. It will give more personalized look to your windows desktop.

To do so:

  • Open microsoft paint and create a drawing of your choice.
  • Click the paint(  ) button and select the option Set As desktop background. choose the option Fill, Tile or center.
  • It will ask you to save the file, if it is not saved.
  • Save the drawing and close paint to see your drawing on the Desktop screen.

Windows Settings - Setting paint Drawing as Desktop Background2

Screen Saver

When the computer is remains switched ON for a specified time without any use, a moving pattern or animation appears on the screen.This pattern or animation is called Screensaver.

As soon as you move the mouse or press any key from the keyboard, it disappears by itself. It helps to save your monitor screen from damage and to increase its life.

To set or change the Screen Save:

  • Click on Appearance and Personalization option in the Control panel and click Screen Saver option under the personalization category.   Windows Settings - Screen Saver
  • The Screen Saver Setting dialog box will appear.Windows Settings - Screen Saver Setting
  • In The ScreenSaver list select the screensaver you want to use. Clicks Preview button to see how it will appear on the screen.
  • Change the Wait Timings as needed.
  • Click Ok button.

Windows Appearance.

To Change the color used for window’s as frame, Start Menu or the Taskbar and to add the transparent glass effect.

  • Open the personalization window using Appearance and Personalization option in the Control Panel and choose window color option in it open Window Color and Appearance Window.Windows Settings - Windows Appearance.
  • Click an Enable Transparency if you want the transparent effect in the title bar, taskbar and other elements. Drag the slider to adjust the color intensity and note the changes in window borders.Windows Settings - Window Color
  • Choose a suitable color from the 16 standard colors offered by windows. You can also use the Show color mixer option in the window to change the Hue, Saturation and Brightness of the selected color.
  • Click Save Changes button to apply the settings.


Gadgets are the mini tools provided by windows 7 which can be kept on the desktop to get quick access to the information like CPU speed, weather forecast, date, time, newsheadlines, ect. These are the optional tools which be or removed as or when needed.

To add a Gadget:

  • Right click on the desktop and choose Gadgets option in the shortcut menu to open Gadgets gallery.Windows Settings - To add a Gadget
  • Windows Settings - Gadget and choose Add optionDouble click the gadget to be added or right click Gadget and choose Add option in the shortcut menu. The Gadget will appear on the right side of the desktop.Windows Settings - Gadget and choose Add option2
  • Click the Close(X) button on the Gadgets gallery when finished.

Removing the GadgetWindows Settings - Gadget and choose Add option2

If you do not want the Gadget to appear any more on the desktop, you can remove it as follows:

  • Move the mouse pointer over the Gadget on the desktop. The gadget controls appear.
  • Click on the Close (X) button. The Gadget will disappear from the screen.
  • Alternatively, you can right click on the Gadget and choose Gadget option in the shortcut menu.

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What are Gadgets? Name any two gadgets you see at home.

Let’s Summarize

  • Windows 7 is a Graphical User Interface(GUI) operating system.
  • Desktop, Icons, Taskbar, Start button, ect. are the components of windows.
  • Start button is known as the launch pad to Windows.
  • Show Desktop Aero peek button is used to instantly minimize all the open windows to view the desktop.
  • Date and Time can be adjusted by double clicking clock in the Taskbar.
  • Personalization Window can be opened by right clicking on the desktop.
  • Screen save is a moving picture which helps to save our monitor screen from damage.
  • Desktop background, Screensaver, WIndows Appearance can be changed using Appearance and Personalization option in the Control Panel.
  • Gadgets are the mini tools which can be kept on the desktop to get quick acess to the info the desktop to get quick access to the information line, date, time weather forecast, etc.  

Teacher’s Guide
Show the children various components of Windows 7 on the computer and demonstrate how to set date and time, use of Appearance and Personalization option to change background, screensaver and appearance of window.

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