Technology- How to Work in Computer and List of Technologies

What Is Technology?


Technology is a concept of knowledge to learn about the creating tools and processing of work with those tools from existing resources called as Technology.

It contains wide range of programs and actions to complete the proper task based on user’s requirements. Technology work well based on processes and maintain several kinds of science subject tools to complete the particular task. Technology involve in several kinds of applications like scientific technology, navy technologies, mobile technologies, computer technology, information technology and etc. Each technology involves wit good number of applications those useful to the particular stream of people to learn new things about their stream, to learn skills of that stream and etc. Technology is also offer good number of solutions to the users for complete the specific task. Those proper solutions work well to solve a particular problem.

Now a days, number of application software design to the users to improve the device performance, get proper security, solve communication problems among computers and etc. Several types of applications only work based on existing technologies. List of Technology Applications:

1. Astronomy

2. Aero planes and Airlines

3. Scientific discoveries

4. Electrical departments

5. Medical fields

6. Motor Vehicles

7. Telephones

8. Mobile Fields

9. Computer fields and etc

How Technology Work in Computers?

Number of applications involved in electrical fields like Computers, internet and cellular phones along with the external and internal memory devices involved in Electrical technology. Number of new software design to those electrical departments. Computers majorly design with several kinds of technologies like OS, RAM, Screen of computer, Screen Size, Hard disk and etc of computers. Those only possible by the number of developers work in technology and innovation features of developers. Technology increasing day to day in all types of applications so, people has to use the technology to decrease their burden and increase the usage of application when they required. Technology always save the people time because of less utilization of manual power and utilize the existing software.

List of Technologies Involved in Electrical Media:


Plenty of Operating systems, hard disks, Processors and etc developed to the users. Computer users must install several softwares to improve the device performance and identify the nature of device by simple scan. Examples of technologies in computers are following such as Disk fragmentation, Anti-virus, Internet security and etc.


Similarly, mobiles also maintain different kinds of OS, memory types, screen locks, application software’s and etc.


New software implement along with hardware implement of memory types like DVD, CD and Blue-ray disks. Memory devices may control by the external devices at any where remotely to open and edit the files of video and audio devices.

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