Types of Robotics

There are different types of robotics available in the market but its definition and classification cannot be done easily because each robot has its features. The robots which are available in the market are huge in shape, size with capabilities.

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The classification of robots can be done based on different categories which are discussed below.


The drone is one kind of robotic vehicle which is also known as unmanned aerial vehicles. These are available in different sizes with different autonomy levels. The best examples are Parrot’s Anafi, DJI’s popular Phantom series & military systems namely Global Hawk, used for surveillance.

The drone is one kind of robotic vehicle which is also known as unmanned aerial vehicles


The robots used in aerospace are flying robots, the Raven surveillance drone & the SmartBird robotic seagull. However, these robots can also operate in space like NASA’s Robonaut & Mars rovers 

Disaster Response

The robots used in disaster situations can perform hazardous jobs such as looking for survivors within the outcome of a crisis. The robots like Packbots were used after the tsunami struck & an earthquake to examine harm at the nuclear power station of Fukushima Daiichi.


The robots used in education at schools or home are 3D printers including lesson plans, practical programmable sets from Lego & teacher robots namely EMYS.


The robots used in the consumer category for fun otherwise to assist you with different chores as well as tasks. The consumer robots are the Roomba vacuum, the robot dog Aibo, robot assistants with AI-powered, robotic kits & toys.


These robots are designed to evoke an emotional response and make us laugh or feel surprised or in awe. Among them are robot comedian, RoboThespian, Disney’s theme park robots like Navi Shaman, and musically inclined bots like Partner.


When most people think about robots then this robot comes to their mind. The best examples are Honda’s Asimo because it has a mechanical look & also the Geminoid series, which looks like humans.


The industrial robots include a manipulator arm, used to achieve continuous tasks. The best example of an industrial robot is the Unimate, as it is the grandfather for all kinds of factory robots. The robots used in this category are Amazon’s warehouse, a collaborative factory that operates beside human workers.

The industrial robots include a manipulator arm, used to achieve continuous tasks


Robotic exoskeletons can be used for physical rehabilitation and for enabling a paralyzed patient to walk again. Some have industrial or military applications, by giving the wearer added mobility, endurance, or capacity to carry heavy loads.


The robots which are used in health care and Medical are da Vinci surgical, bionic prostheses & robotic exoskeletons. 

Military & Security

 Military robots are ground systems such as Endeavor Robotics, PackBots. These are used in Afghanistan & Iraq countries to survey for improvised volatile devices & BigDog. These robots assist crowds while carrying heavy equipment. Security robots are autonomous mobile systems like Cobalt.


These robots allow you to be present at where you want to go. So user can log in to a robot avatar through the internet & drive it approximately. These robots are used to interact with people especially to work together with coworkers from long distances & these robots can also be used by doctors to check the patients.


These robots are used in the water. They include ocean submersibles such as diving humanoids, Aquanaut such as bio-inspired systems & Ocean One namely the ACM-R5H snakebot.


At present, the robots which are used in corporate research labs & universities are research robots because they have a huge majority. Although these types of robots may be capable of doing practical things, so they are used to assist researchers while doing research. 

The robots which are used in corporate research labs

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are one kind of robots that drive themselves around. The best examples are DARPA’s autonomous-vehicle, Google’s pioneering Toyota Prius, BMW, Audi, Google, Ford, General Motors, Tesla, Volkswagen, and Volvoafterward spun out to form Waymo.


At present, we found many robots that work for people in different fields like factories, industries, laboratories, and warehouses. These are used in different ways for different purposes.  Robotic technology is changing many aspects of our daily life continuously like education, health care, etc. These are playing a key role in the world economy to make everyone’s life easier & helps is generating more products. So this is one of the main leading technologies worldwide to perform different functions in different ways.

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