Who Invented TV( Television)?

Television, being the most common source of entertainment which can be found in millions of homes nowadays. But going a decade back, no one was aware of this crucial source, which has helped to explore a vibrant broadcasting medium.

Beginning(First) of television on 27 sep 1927

The invention of Television is not an easy answer as in the 19th Century, there were more than 50 inventors from America, Japan, Britain, Russia, and Germany who made significant contributions to the invention of television without which the television would not have been invented. Let us have a look at the History of Television:

Television History :

In the 1800s; when Television came into picture there were mechanical televisions which involved the mechanical scanning of images and thereafter transmitting those onto the screen, which was made with the help of rotating disk which was arranged in a spiral pattern this invention was created by two inventors named – John Logie Baird and Charles Francis Jenkins.

But, before them, a German Inventor named Paul Gottlieb Nipkow developed the first mechanical kind of television which was called “electric telescope”.  Which sent images via wires with the use of rotating metal disk.

Later, the first Electronic television was invented after the efforts made by these inventors.

Later, the first Electronic television was invented after the efforts made by these inventors.

First One of Television:

The greatest of all the demonstrations when electronic television came into the picture for the first time which was created by Philo Taylor Farnsworth, who was just 21 years old. His invention was way ahead than the previous inventions which captured moving images with the help of beam of electrons.

Thus, all the early inventions of televisions displayed black and white images. The primary shading TV was speculated in 1904 by a German creator. It was during the time of second world war – 1946 that colored televisions were considered seriously.

With the evolution of television, the first-ever “television station” was started in America during the early 1930s which was created by Charles Francis Jenkins, and its first broadcast was done on 2nd July 1928.

It was in 1928, that America’s first industrially delivered TVs were flaunted to the general population.

The first-ever television commercial that was aired was Bulova Watch on NBC which was a for 10 seconds on 1st July 1941, therefore before that for over 13 years after the television station came into existence in America, television was blissfully commercial-free.

The primary TV remote control was discharged in 1948 called “Tele Zoom” which could just zoom in the image. The wireless remote control was released in 1955 called “Zenith” which can be used to change television channels and to turn it on or off.

Timeline of Television:

Since the invention of television, it was a niche technology to found in anyone’s home, while over years there are many improvements made till the 20th century. Let’s have a look over the timeline:

Since the invention of television, it was a niche technology to found in anyone's home, while over years there are many improvements made till the 20th century. Let's have a look over the timeline

The year 1949: An increase in the number of a television station that grew from 58 to 98 in the market. And the adoption of Fairness Doctrine by FCC, which made the presenters responsible for presenting all facets of an issue while covering a controversy.

The year 1951: The first-ever color program was broadcasted by CBS which was “I Love Lucy” and only 12 customers in America were able to see it.

The year 1953: A drastic increase in the number of viewers from 12 to 12 million as RCA released its color broadcasting system.

The year 1954: The Tonight Show was launched by NBC with Steve Allen as a comedian.

The year 1958: There were about 525 cable televisions all over America which served 4,50,000 subscribers.

The year 1964: The Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan show, which had 73 million viewers.

The year 1971: A transition in the television commercial as its average duration varied from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.

The year 1979: ESPN – a fully devoted sports channel was introduced.

The year 1980: First-ever news channel CNN launched by Ted Turner made its debut presenting 24*7 news, along with it the same year a fully dedicated music channel MTV made its debut.

The year 2000: DVD (Digital Video Disc) marked its existence.

The year 2005: Flat-screen televisions HD television came into existence.

The year 2006: Flat-screen televisions HD television was sold at affordable costs, and the brand Sony released its Blu-ray disc format, capable of holding 27 GB.

The year 2010: Introduction of 3D television being spurred by blockbuster Avatar.

After, a series of changes and improvements today’s television is very different from the one which was introduced in the 19th Century where there is the emergence of online television other broadcasting technologies, which has changed the future of television. Rather, it’s quite challenging to see if the traditional form of television survives in the modern era where viewers are influenced by Netflix and other upcoming technologies.

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