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One of the finest inventions in the past, which has greatly impacted our present and future and has connected people across border and nations. Alexander Graham Bell is the first person who’s interested in sound technology led him to the invention of Telephone. And launched the Bell Telephone company in the year 1877 and had more than 18 patents for his work in communication and invention.

Alexander Graham Bell  - Father of telephone

History of Telephone:

Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland on 3rd March 1847, belonging to a decent educational background and his knowledge towards sound and acoustics helped in the development of the telephone. His passion for his work and intellectual helped him to get an edge over the other scientist working in the same domain, and in his young age of 29 years (1876), he had invented the telephone and patented it.

Two well-known inventors were working over the invention of Telephone in the 1870s, it was a legal battle over the invention between Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell, which was won by the later. The concept of telegraph and telephone were similar in nature. Thus, continuous efforts made by Alexander Graham Bell to improve the telegraph had led to the success of the telephone.

Telephone inventors - Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell

Before, The telephone was invented the telegraph was the known medium for communication for almost 30 years, the only limitation with the telegraph was it limited to send and receive one message at a time with the use of Morse code. As Bell had a good understanding of sound and music, he wanted to overcome this limitation. And Bell came up with his own idea of “Harmonic Telegraph” which was backed by the principal of musical notes that can be sent continuously to the same wire that differed in pitch.

In the year 1874, Bell’s experiment has progressed enough to be disclosed to his family members about the existing possibility of multiple telegraphs. Where his future father in law helped him with the financial backup in order to help him progress in the work of multiple telegraphs. But till then, Bell and his companion Thomas Watson was strike with the idea of inventing a device that was well worse to transmit human voice electrically.

Meanwhile, as they were continuing their work on the harmonic telegraph they happen to come across a man named Joseph Henry who was the director of Smithsonian Institution. Joseph Henry listened to both of their ideas and encouraged them for their work. And through their experiments that proved, that various music tones would differ the strength of the electric current in wire made them realized in June 1875, that their goal of creating a device that was capable of transmitting human speech electrically was nearby.

First One of Telephone :

On 10th March 1876, was when Bell realized their success and the communication potential of the new device. The opportunity to able to communicate through electrical wire had outweighed the modified telegraph system. As per the entry in Alexander Graham Bell’s notebook, he mentioned his experiment using his new piece of equipment, the telephone.

For this crucial contribution and idea, Alexander Graham Bell was awarded the first U.S. patent in the year 1876. Whereas the same year, Elisha Gray designed a telephone with the help of a water microphone.

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Evolution of Telephone:

1876: On 10th March, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and his first words over the phone were to his assistant Watson: come here—I want to see you.

1877: In July the Bell Telephone company was established by Gardiner Hubbard.

1905: The first phone which did not require to go through an operator and had the ability to dial the number.

1925: The first version of a rotary telephone was created known as Bauhaus.

1960: Mobile Telephone system for cars was launched in Sweden on 30th January.

1970: The company AT & T created the first-ever videophone on 18th September.

Evolution of Telephone

1980: The first mobile phone came into existence known as AEG Telecar CD.

1989: A modified version of cell phone, as the first flip cell phone, was created the Motorola Micro TAC9800X ON 10th May.

1994: First smartphone with touch screen – IBM Simon.

1996: With the invention of another cell phone Motorola StarTAC, there was an increase in the preference of cell phones.

2000: With the increase in the modifications and enhancement of technology, Sharp J-SHO4 was launched with a built-in camera.

2002: A revolution in the telecommunication field was brought by Blackberry 5810, with the introduction of a new brand Blackberry.

2007: The modernization stage, with the creation of the iPhone by Steve Jobs. Which helped the phone to be converted into an iPod, phone and a device to play games.

2008: First phone with Google Android operating system: T-Mobile G1.

2015: Sixth Sense technology, was introduced which would help to combine the digital world with the physical world.

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