World Password Day – First Thursday of May

World Password day is observed every year on the first Thursday of May as designated by the Registrar of National Day Calendar. The term ‘Password Day’ was first enlightened by Mark Burnett in his book named ‘Perfect Password’ in 2005. This day was introduced for the sole purpose of encouraging people towards good password maintaining habits.

World Password Day - First Thursday of May
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A Password is a word or group of characters that help you with allowing access for a particular place or application or site. Passwords are the secret words or group of secret characters which are used to prevent unauthorized access to a user’s account or site which helps in stoppage of fraudulent activities.

Passwords are of different styles and designs and vary in sizes, length, and character format. As per size format, the password should be of a minimum of 8 characters and can be stretched till 50-60 characters or phrases. As per the character designing passwords can be arranged in an order where words can be in chronological order or special characters can be used along with alphabets and numerical to make a strong password which would further prevent the fraud activities.

Create a Strong Password:

 Tips to Create a Strong Password

We can promote awareness of this day by informing people on a regular basis of maintaining a good password and provide them the site which could guide them about the ongoing awareness such as ‘ or taking a World Password Day Pledge every year and making it a common awareness topic. We can also promote awareness using social media which is a powerful tool to broadcast every single update to the world and make them aware of this security awareness of their digital data. We can post new password formats or common password keeping habits which would enlighten people to secure their user data from fraudulent activities.

Tips to Create a Strong Password

Future Year Dates of World Password Day:

Year Date
2020 Thursday, 7th May
2021 Thursday, 6th May
2022 Thursday, 5th May
2023 Thursday, 4th May
2024 Thursday, 2th May
2025 Thursday, 1st May
2026 Thursday, 7th May
2027 Thursday, 6th May
2028 Thursday, 4th May
2029 Thursday, 3rd May

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