Computer Graphics, Animation and Visualization

Computer Graphics:

Geometric Design and Computation groups of techniques provide high features to the images those may work at any where due to the proper organizational tools of users on that images. Several research methods useful to the image editor’s o provide good representation, specifications, manipulations, visualizations, geometric models to the existing images to attract the people. The Geometric Design and Computation group deals with several topologies, different geometry techniques and numerical methods to implement the animation along with graphics on images. Computer Graphics research involve with the image processing, computer vision, latest graphic features, learning methods, image analysis, manipulation techniques along with proper visual data analysis on images. Finally those things offer good view to the users.

Computer Graphics

Major Applications of Computer Graphics:

  1. Computational biology
  2. Physical science
  3. Computer-aided design(CAD)
  4. Computer simulation and Computer Visualization
  5. Digital Media
  6. Educational systems
  7. Graphics design on computers
  8. Infographics
  9. Video Games
  10. Virtual reality
  11. Web design and development

Computer Animation:

Computer animation has another name i.e. CGI animation because it involve with the process of computer graphics for view the pictures in special formats. Computer animation offer both static and dynamic images with proper animation tools in computers. Actually, the computer animation only refers to moving graphical images in specific order.

The major categories of computer animation are following such as computer-assisted animation and computer generated animation. 2Dimention has another name i.e. Computer-assisted animation that provides simple moving techniques to the static images in 2 Dimensional ways. Computer generated animation tools implemented on direct images those may work at any where automatically but the 2D computer animation only work based on manual actions. Computer animation techniques deals with Interpolation between key shapes to implement the virtual manage tools on images. Computer-generated animation deals with several techniques those may be categorized into two those names are low level techniques and high level techniques. Low level techniques provide good number of interactions for active specific motion in images. A high level technique tells about the motion of images along with motion behavior on images.

Computer Visualization:

Visualization is a process of proper representation of data and images with beautiful graphic tools to attract users. Plenty of graphics tools involve in visualization to represent the data with powerful create, manipulate and interact tools. The first system visualization graphics developed by the IBM company that offer one best solution to the users regarding to the conversion tools of data of images and graphics tools of images.

The major categories working in visualization across the world are following such names are Information Visualization and Scientific visualization.

Information visualization deals with the proper visual representation tools to make analyze the large collection of data into simple representation tools. People can understand the data easily with the proper tools of information visualization. A structure and UN structure points helpful to the of viewers o learn each thing with simple structure.

Scientific Visualization deals with the three dimensional phenomenal that use for the major applications like architectural, medical field, educational and aeronautical fields. Recently, the biological systems also deals with Scientific Visualization for quick understand. It always focuses on the use of computer graphics along with scientific concepts to learn anything quickly from visualization methods.

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