Computer Virus Information

What is a computer virus?

What is a computer virus is one of the programs that definitely cause problem to the device, memory, files of computer and etc. Sometimes, the hardware parts of computer may get the problems with viruses.

Everyone have to take care from the biological virus of devices those may create problems to the computer users at anytime. Number of persistent applications developed to the users to keep devices properly with error free. A computer virus is very similar to the devices when the device connected to the internet. People have to take care in web browsing to avoid the various kinds of files which may cause dangerous to the computers.

Computer Virus Information

What are the symptoms of a computer virus?

1. It depletes the device performance.

2. Computer behavior will damage through the virus files.

3. Infected files computers may cause problems to the users and those may not work well.

4. Computer crashes regularly.

5. Some virus affected files may loss through this application.

How a computer virus detect in computer?

1. Almost number of times computer viruses occur by the Web activities and web browsing action.

2. If you share the music, data files, videos and other multi-media files then you may or may not get virus if those files have virus program those will attack to the computers easily.

3. Number of websites vulnerable to attacks easily.

4. Spam mails always contain virus files so, people should avoid spam mails and e-mail attachments.

5. Some of the latest games, toolbars, media players and etc contain the virus files if you download them to the devices those will enter into devices and spread to the complete memory of devices.

6. Utility software must contains the license agreements if anyone did not have those agreements may create problems to the devices.

Types of Computer Viruses:

Most Common Types of Viruses and Other Malicious Programs: The following 15 types of virus most dangerous to the devices.

1. Resident Viruses: RAM memory completely deplete by this type of files.

2. Multipartite Viruses: Multipartite viruses always hid in the hard drive.

3. Direct Action Viruses: This type of virus simply identified by the users.

4. Overwrite Viruses: One type of virus integrate with other kinds of virus and depletes the system performance.

5. Boot Virus: Virus files only effected to the boot sector of devices.

6. Macro Virus: Small size of virus file that may not effect to the devices.

7. Directory Virus: It is root virus that maintain several kinds of Macro virus files.

8. Polymorphic Virus: On type of virus perform different kinds of actions easily.

9. File Infectors: Some files get virus if the users download them in websites.

10. Companion Viruses: These virus files work only at some times on devices.

11. Network Virus: Both private and public networks effected by the virus if anyone device has virus file.

12. Trojans or Trojan Horses: Trojans reproduce virus files those self-replicate like worms

13. Logic Bombs: One virus file may not be replicate to the other places but perform dangerous things to the devices.

14. Stealth Viruses: Stealth Viruses is some sort of viruses that effect to the complete memory part of computer.

15. Sparse Infectors: One kind of program that may locate in various locations and also change that behavior normally from avoid the detection files.

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