Latest Features and Tips of Instagram

Prominent as IG, Instagram is the major social media platform used nowadays by the youngsters. It is a major photo, video & stories sharing platform owned by Facebook Inc. Kevin Systrom & Mike Kreiger launched Instagram social media platform on IOS in October 2010. In April, 2012, Android version of Instagram was launched.

Instagram allows a user to majorly share images, videos, stories, gifs, media & much more on the platform. An Instagram user can follow each other & send request to their friends. Users can also like & comment on friends’ images. There are several official celebrity & sports pages on Instagram. A user can also follow them for regular updates.

Features of Instagram:

Some of the Instagram features are as follows:

  • Video Features
  • Stories Features
  • Multiple Instagram accounts
  • Push notifications good for Business
  • Able to link more social network accounts
  • Live video

Latest features of Instagram are as follows:

  • Play with Selfie Stickers: One can play with different creative stickers & try different smiley face icons. Add several filters.
  • Create stickers for hashtags: Hashtags are the new trend. Whenever a user uploads an image, status or post, he surely uses creative hashtags. This gives an interesting post.
  • Eraser brush: This particular tool is used to edit the drawing as well as colour on the image. Erase the drawing & reveal real thing under the image.
  • Live videos on stories: Use Instagram live videos as stories. One can chat with the friends & do lots of fun. This video is saved for 24 hours.
  • Instagram collections can be used to save posts: Now immediately save your favourite Instagram & review the saved post later on whenever one needs.

Instagram is a social media platform used extensively for sharing videos, images, media files & much more. Instagram can also be used for performing digital marketing as well as social media services. A business can run Instagram business campaigns. This exclusive feature can be extensively used for gaining brand awareness, generating leads & much more.

Instagram initially was only available for IOS devices but later on they started the version for Android versions. Instagram has main objective of embellishment of images with varying filters & unique frames such as XPro-II, Earlybird, Inkwell, Hefe, Nashville & many more. Instagram now offers nametag feature to all its users. A user can use nametag which is a customizable card which scans the smartphone’s camera.  One can use different colour gradients, emojis & tiny selfie along with your face. One can also apply different filters & effects on the nametag.

Instagram is thus used by many people in the world to connect with friends, loved ones & Instagram has proved to be one of the greatest platforms to promote products & services as well as generate leads.

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