Facebook: Features, Updates, Advantages & Disadvantages

Facebook Incorporation is an American Multi-National online social media platform as well as social networking service corporation based in California. The website or social media platform was launched by Mark Zuckerberg on February 4th, 2004. He designed Facebook along with his Harvard College roommates viz Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz & Andrew McCollum. This is one of the biggest technology companies right after Amazon, Google & Apple. Initially, Facebook was only accessible to the Harvard, Yale, Stanford & Columbia University students. Initially, Facebook allowed a user to become a registered user who genuinely claimed to be 13 years old. Facebook held its first IPO i.e. Initial Public Offering in the month of February 2012. At that time, the initial value of the Facebook Corporation was around $.104 billion & the value recorded was one of the largest as per new company public listing.

Exclusive Features of Facebook are as follows:

Facebook is the vital digital platform today via which we can connect with our friends. There are several people who prefer other social media platforms over Facebook. But anyways, Facebook has all-time exclusive features that will allow a user to enjoy Facebook during their free time.

  • The Facebook Messenger Inbox is pretty cool. There is a particular folder in the Messenger “Message Request” where one gets lots of messages from their friends & other people.
  • A Facebook user can now save unlimited posts which they find appealing. Just click the three dots on the upper-right side of the post to save the same. Click save post & automatically your post will be saved into your account.
  • One can download the copy of all Facebook account. One can copy photo, images, video, chat conversation or anything. One can do that by visiting Settings> General> Download “Facebook data copy” & follow the directions.
  • One can add extra securities to their Facebook account. One can do the same by visiting Settings> Security & Login. Enable Two-Factor Authentication Process, Get alerts about fishy login & much more.
  • See what’s happening worldwide. One can get many updates from Facebook about their friends, professional circle, politics, sports, movie trailers, memes & so much more.
  • One can also get an exclusive feature of blocking unnecessary Facebook tracking.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networking websites. Now, we will note down the advantages & disadvantages of Facebook.

Facebook Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • Facebook is one of the best social media platforms that helps a brand to create brand awareness. One can chat & network with clients & do so much more.
  • One can access Facebook with no Internet & this can be done from any mobile devices.
  • Facebook plays a very vital role in our day to day lives as we can connect with our friends on a daily basis & get their updates.
  • A Facebook user can be addicted to the social network which is a major disadvantage in today’s world.
  • One must have noticed many people make phishing bots or fake account is a new trend in social media platforms.
  • There are many scams all over the social media platforms.

There are many advantages, disadvantages, benefits of Facebook but it will be evergreen. People will keep on updating their ideas, status updates, images, videos, live videos & so much more. Facebook is the best platform to pass the time & entertainment. But there are several people all over the world finding innumerable profitable home based jobs to earn handsome amount of money. Thanks to Facebook for helping freelancers to fetch fair jobs. One can communicate with anybody on Facebook irrespective of where their friends stay & they also can video call with the help of same.

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