WhatsApp Messenger – Features, Tips, Advantages & Disadvantages

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular freeware messaging cross platform that is again owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. One can also use WhatsApp for Voice over IP services. This application is particularly used for sending & receiving text messages, voice messages, videos, documents, files & much more. This application can be operated from mobile phones & this can also be accessible from laptops, desktop computers & so much more. The WhatsApp can be operated from your normal cell phone number. WhatsApp can also be used for business purposes that will help organization to enable the customer services at a very large scale. This facility was enabled on September, 2017.

The WhatsApp application was created by WhatsApp Incorporation in California which was later take-over by the Facebook Corporation in February 2014 for almost US$19.3 billion. During February 2018, WhatsApp messenger had more than one & a half billion users. This statistics made WhatsApp the most useful messaging applications of all time.

Features of WhatsApp Messenger are as follows:

  • Simple & Reliable messaging application totally free of cost.
  • One can make group of friends to network & chat.
  • Groups can have more than 250 people all at once. One can share photos, messages, videos & much more.
  • One can make video calling or audio calling to their friends, relative or loved ones.
  • A WhatsApp user can speak freely via video calling, texting or many other things.
  • Unlimited conversation can be one of the best things one can perform in the WhatsApp groups or with friends.
  • Sharing moments that means something to you is another exclusive feature one can enjoy.
  • Documents can be shared easily up to 100 MB which includes spreadsheets, slideshows, file document & many more.

WhatsApp has grown extensively in several countries such as United States, Brazil, India, Europe & many more. WhatsApp was one of the most downloaded applications in the Apple App Store as per reports of 2011. In the January 2015, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web is a web client which can be used at desktop or laptops by syncing the contacts. WhatsApp Messenger is supported in various operating systems such as MAC, Windows devices, Linux & many more.

Now we will look upon the advantages as well as disadvantages of the WhatsApp Messenger Application:

Advantages of WhatsApp Messenger:

  • WhatsApp Messenger is available on iPhones, Windows as well as Android phones.
  • A user can send & receive unlimited messages, audio files, video files, file document & many more.
  • A WhatsApp user can send & receive unlimited contacts from their networks & other contacts.
  • A user can send or receive document files up to 100 MB. Documents include PDF files, slideshows, documents, spreadsheets & many more.
  • A user can send or receive accurate location & this is possible with the help of Google maps.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Messenger:

  • The WhatsApp messenger group has only limitation to add 256 people.
  • Storing or Retrieving the Chats Backup can be very messy sometimes.
  • Constant group messages which are unavoidable & these can take up maximum space. It also takes much time to empty the WhatsApp space.
  • A user cannot send or receive messages without the data pack.

These were all advantages & disadvantages. A user can also share notes or vital documents to one another. WhatsApp Messenger is one of the evergreen messaging applications that uses a networking platform for effective communication among several people. WhatsApp is a widely used tool for extensive marketing & creating an opportunity for development within the application. WhatsApp can help a business to share e-brochure, e-pamphlets, e-invites, promotional videos, images & many more.

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