What is a Mobile Phone?

Science has created an ultimate modernization in technology through its inventions and discoveries. Society embraces innovation and has made the life of human beings easy.

The mobile phone is a wireless device that makes Society stay connected. Today’s generation can easily make calls and send texts along with other value-added services through this device. They are the product of the latest generation of communication devices after the Cordless phones and landlines.

The mobile phone is a wireless device that makes Society stay connected

These devices are popularly known as cell phones. They are compatible and pocket friendly. Any person can carry them easily at any place and connect with anyone. The evolution in technology has made the device smart and accessible. Users can send or receive emails, browse the internet, and also can do things that we can do through a computer.

How does a mobile phone work

Sometimes we are curious to understand how this wireless handheld device works. When we read the science behind this advanced technology, we explore the science of electromagnetic signals. This device got a microphone to capture the voice of the speaker. It also got an earpiece for the users to listen to the other person consecutively. The MEMs sensors and IC help the device to convert the voice into digital signals. These signals transmit in the form of binary digits i.e. 0s and 1s. The binary digits travel in the form of electromagnetic waves with the help of an in-built antenna. The technology uses various combinations of wave characteristics like amplitude and frequencies. Once the electromagnetic wave travels to another device, the call starts.

However, the curved geographical structure of the globe stands as a barrier to these electromagnetic waves. They fail to travel a long distance and perturbs communication. Towers are built to help with cellular technology. It is an advanced technology that divides geographical locations into hexagonal blocks. It creates a cellular architecture and helps the technology avoid overlapping. The towers are connected through various wires and optical fibers. These electromagnetic waves travel through these optical fibers which are located under the grounds and oceans. The electromagnetic waves travel from the phones and reach the towers in the form of high-frequency light pulses.

A base Transceiver box receives these light pulses at the base of the tower and transmits them to the destination tower. The destination tower radiates the electromagnetic waves as signals for the other person’s phone.

Evolution of the Mobile Phone

The mobile phones were simple in their looks when they stood in the marketplace in 1973. Later, technology has made it transform and evolve from being simple to smartphones. It is an essential device for today’s generation. The present-day life cannot think of a day without this device on hand.

The mobile phones were simple in their looks when they stood in the marketplace in 1973.

We can now have the entire world at our fingertips. It does not take less than a few seconds to gather information. The smartphone revolution has made life easy to read, watch and listen to simultaneously from anywhere in the world. The evolution made us see the transformation from the black screen to the color screen. The designs and textures became more compatible and stylish.

During the ’80s and ’90s, mobile phones were used as talking devices. There were few features available like calling, texting, and basic organizers. Technology in recent years has brought forward exclusive designs of cellular phones with the latest applications. The camera features got more advanced technology and can capture videos equivalent to DSLRs. Artificial Intelligence has made it easy to capture beautiful pictures and embrace High definition pictures. It may be landscape, portrait, or any object, your mobile phone would help you to capture the best snap and make your portfolio rich.

Nowadays, mobile phones support the latest versions of high-definition gaming applications. The compatibility and user interface shout out a challenge towards the gaming experience in laptops or computers. The picture and video editing applications have made it easier for content creators to perform their job remotely. The usage of mobile phones has increased from the year 2000.

Earlier, mobile phones were for business purposes. However, the present situation says they are high demands for personal and business reasons.

The advanced technology has made the evolution of mobile phones using the edge to the 5th generation handheld devices. The magnificent designs have made these devices available to every people across society. The mobile phone that was launched in 1983 was Motorola’s DynaTac 8000X. It was a heavy prototype model and was not pocket friendly. However, as the days are moving technology is entering into advancement and embracing a lot of changes in the features of mobile phones. The colorless non-digital gadgets are now smart pocket-friendly devices and come with the latest features of retail applications, social media applications, payment applications, and gaming applications. We also should not forget about editing applications. However, this necessary gadget is a requirement for every home now.

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