World Television Day – 21st November

Television has always continued to be the single largest source of video consumption even though the screen size has changed. People still create, post, stream, and also consume content on different platforms. Today every house has a television set and the world continues to rise. Television(TV) is also a medium that helps the world to gather all the news all around the world.

Television is also a medium that helps the world to gather all the news all around the world

With the recognition of the increased impact of television bringing on the decision-making of the world’s attention to conflicts and threats to peace as well as securities and its potential role, including social issues and economics the United Nations general assembly has proclaimed 21st November as the world television day. The philosophy of the tool is celebrated on this day and television is a symbol of communication and globalization in this contemporary world.

On 21 and 22 November 1996, the United Nations held the first world television forum in which the leading media figures met and discussed the growing significance of the day and how the changing world can enhance their cooperation. This was done in recognition of the increasing impact of television and the process of decision-making and how television was acknowledged as a major tool in channeling, affecting public opinion, and informing.

How to celebrate world television day?

The most common way to celebrate world television day is by watching television. This is the tightener you can revolt and relieve some of the greatest moments of television which help you to bring the reality of a rapidly technology-advancing world into people forever changing lives and how they are perceiving the world. This day was established to bring the focus back to the issues on an annual basis.

Some German deleations said, “Television is only one means of information and an information medium to which a considerable majority of the world population has no access. That vast majority could easily look at World Television Day as a rich man’s day. They do not have access to television. There is more important information in the media and here I would mention radio in particular.”

Despite this understandable objection, television has still been an instrumental innovation for humanity, in the same category as the printing press, radio, and the internet. World Television Day is a chance for all to appreciate the extraordinary technological ingenuity of the scientists and engineers who made seemingly impossible things happen, and understand the social and cultural implications that such a unifying medium has had on our global communities.

The Internet has connected us in such a way that it didn’t expect and perhaps could not have imagined, but on World Television Day we remember that television was there first, and paved the way for what was to come.

World Television Day brought focus back to the issues on an annual basis. In years gone by, major TV stations have come together on the day to broadcast tributes to the importance of television in people’s lives. The obvious way for anyone to celebrate is to turn on their TV and watch.

If you would rather want to be entertained, why not select a classic film and imagine you are watching it for the first time, as a member of the original audience. Feeling adventurous? Go all out and dress up in period costumes as well, turn World Television Day into an annual event that you and your friends can enjoy planning months in advance.

You can always be all fresh and enthusiastic to celebrate the world television day and make a list of all your favourite web series and movies grab of call.

Upcoming ‘World Television Day’ Dates:

World Television Day 2021Sunday, 21st November
World Television Day 2022Monday, 21st November
World Television Day 2023Tuesday, 21st November
World Television Day 2024Thursday, 21st November
World Television Day 2025Friday, 21st November
World Television Day 2026Saturday, 21st November
World Television Day 2027Sunday, 21st November
World Television Day 2028Tuesday, 21st November
World Television Day 2029Wednesday, 21st November
World Television Day 2030Thursday, 21st November

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