Exclusive Features and Latest Update of YouTube

YouTube LLP is an American video-sharing platform that is located in San Bruno, California. This exclusive video platform was formed by three PayPal past employees’ viz. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen & last but not the least Jawed Karim in February 2005. In November 2006, Google took over the YouTube platform for US$1.65 billion. Currently, YouTube video platform is operated & managed by the Google Corporation.

YouTube is a web video platform that helps a user to watch, update, rate, view, share, report, comment & many things on videos. A user can also subscribe to the videos & also encourage other people to subscribe to the videos. YouTube offers a wide range of videos which includes corporate media videos, user-generated videos &so much more. YouTube has a wide content range of videos, TV Shows, musical videos, documentary films, long movies, advertisement clips, educational videos & many more. Majorly videos & other contents are uploaded by individuals but the content is also uploaded by various corporations & media channels such as Vevo, BBC, CBS, Hulu & many more. In order to operate YouTube, a user must be 18 years or above 18 years of age. Registered users can watch unlimited videos & can also add comments on various videos.

YouTube generates advertising revenues from Google AdSense. Basically, Google AdSense is a technical program that sets the target on ads according to the content & target audience. Major videos uploaded on the YouTube are free of cost but there are some videos that require a subscription for premium videos or premium channels. The YouTube Web Channel has several genres of videos such as animation, horror, movies, TV shows, and trailers of the movie, scientific videos, politics & many more. As per research reports of August 2018, YouTube web platform is ranked almost second in the category of world’s most popular websites.

YouTube also gives free live streaming of several sporting matches. In fact, in the year 2010, YouTube started free streaming of sporting matches which included 60 major cricket matches of the Indian Premium League. This was the whole free sporting event worldwide.

Exclusive features of YouTube are as follows:

People watch more than 4 billion videos on YouTube. Hence, the user experience is excellent & people want to stick around the YouTube web platform for hours & hours. Let’s have a quick look at several features.

  • Lots of improved comments from the majority of users.
  • Billions of subscribers notifications from worldwide on YouTube
  • Easy access to the subscription feedbacks
  • YouTube is a faster & more useful creator studio application available for viewing the videos
  • Video can be managed efficiently at one go
  • 360 Degree Videos can be captured via YouTube with the help of video capturing applications such as GoPro & drone
  • Better Live Streaming of various programs such as gaming, learning, entertainment & many more.

YouTube is one of the best video channel platforms that can also be used for marketing your business. One can enjoy unlimited boosting in SEO, build traffic audience, create brand awareness, expand the social reach, and improve the ROI & so much more. One can create an effective YouTube marketing campaign for their products & services. Thus, an organization can market effectively on multiple channels. YouTube also helps a user to earn money just by connecting the YouTube channel with the Google AdSense. One will get to earn much more for viewing the videos. YouTube is basically used for extensive entertainment, video watching, hacks, recipes, guidance & so much more. Vloggers can upload unlimited videos & they can even follow several other vloggers also subscribing to other YouTubers.

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