Computers Vs. Teachers

The Teachers play a crucial role in shaping bright students. If they have any doubts, then the teachers will rectify and suggests to them the correct solution. But the scenario is changing because the computers or technology is replacing the teachers. Now, if the students have any query, then they preferring the electronic gadgets to solve the problems.Computers Vs. Teachers

Comparing Computers (Technology) and Teachers:

  • In schools, colleges, or universities, the teacher acts as the mentors to the students when they face any issues. After the college hours, if they encounter any problem, then the student has to wait for the next day. But the days are changing day-by-day; the students with the use of technology get the answers to their questions.
  • When you want to learn a new language, then you have to attend the language training academy. Now, the users are getting the training classes at the fingertips by watching it on their mobiles or any other gadgets.
  • Moreover, the teachers may be expert in a few subjects, but you can get everything with the technology and turn into an expert.
  • If you have any doubt, you have to go and meet the concerned teacher to clarify your doubt. But with the computers, by sitting in one location, you can get all answers to the questions.
  • A library consists of almost 1 Lakh books, but there are huge collections of e-books in the internet world.
  • When compared the teachers with the computers, the technology will not teach the ethics, way of life, or moral values but the teacher along with the subject can teach how to live with the moral values, ethics & integrity, and the responsibilities.
  • The technology can’t replace the teachers because the teacher itself says how to use the technology in a right way. The best example of this is, the calculator cannot replace the mathematics teacher.
  • A teacher can grasp the interest of the students but the computer cannot find out the interesting subjects of the students.
  • Some of the students can’t afford the fees for their studies; in this case, the technology will help in preparing their studies.

Finally, I can say a teacher is very important in shaping a good human being by training with the moral values, responsibilities, and way of life. Even the technology or computers are also important to get the adequate knowledge of different streams. So, both the teachers and computers are important for all of us to meet our requirements.

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