Computer Vs Books

As we are in the 21st century and most of us depend on the computers to fulfill their daily activities. It may include writing, reading, doing homework, etc. But still, few people like reading the books on hard copies rather than using the digital screens (computer).  Some people believe in the words completely and the atmosphere that supports preferably using a book than a computer.

Moreover, we cannot even say that only books are important as both of them have their individual advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss in detail.

Computer Vs Books | Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

Importance of Computers in Human Life:

In the present digital life using a computer for personal and business has become really effective where more and more people are buying and using them. From Government to private sector, Doctors, Students, Teachers everyone uses a computer, therefore computer users are constantly growing. Computers have taken industries and businesses to a whole new level. We can come to a perception regarding the usage of computers by seeing the offline and online business, online education, online communication and internet banking, etc. Today use of a computer with an internet connection has changed our daily life. By using this, we create new habits such as reading news, listening to music, earning money online, doing internet banking, communicating online with friends and family, running an online business, taking online classes, etc. Computers have proven to complete task by saving time and get the job done quickly and easily.

Uses of Computers:

Kids Usage:

We use computers for various purposes, such as for kids to play games, watch funny cartoon videos and use drawing tools, etc. Moreover, it also helps them to learn about shapes, numbers colors, etc.

For Education:

Today many schools and colleges use computer and internet technology to teach students creatively and digitally along with data visualization. Computers allow students to access any information they want. At the same time, teachers also can keep track of each student’s progress.

Stay in touch with family and friends:

Are you sad about not speaking to your family or relatives for many days? Gone are those of writing a letter on paper and having it take several days to reach its destination. Yes, the computer will help to solve the problem by allowing staying in touch with your family and friends, no matter how far away you are.  By using a computer, you can write an email within seconds. With the help of some programs, you can see one another and speak by connecting a webcam to your computers.

For Income Generation:

Yes, some people grab the opportunity to make income through computers in their spare time, whereas for others computer can help to start their own business and be their own boss. Furthermore, computers enable employees to work from home which saves time as well as some expenses for their travel.

In general viewpoint, most of us think computers are better than books, but in fact, we need to realize why books are better than a computer.

Importance of Books in the Mankind:

Books provide past histories that transfer valuable information, and ancient generation has survived with books and maintaining their history alive. For example, we can consider Muslims holy books Quran, Catholics holy book Bible. Unlike computers, books do not take much time to load, and they can carry with us anywhere we go. The first important thing about every school is teaching of reading books to the students. Simultaneously improve speaking and writing, especially writing by hand, not typing on a computer. If students can able to read books, therefore, they can easily read or type on the computers. Books considered as more economical than the computer where you only need to purchase them once. Even after 10 to 15 years, you can still read the same book with the same method.

To produce a book we don’t need much knowledge, it is simple and used since ancient time. Unlike the computer industry, the publishing industry is not monopolized, whereas the computer industry remains completely monopolized by multinational corporations. It includes IBM, HP, Microsoft, Google, and Apple, etc. By reading books, we can also increase the brainpower and memory and considered as the source of knowledge. One more thing, books are the man’s best friend and will always be with us and will not comment or argue. On the other hand, the book gives comfortable to use and study. Books have been for centuries and without them, we could have been known or have the knowledge of our past ancestors, cultures, and civilizations. Moreover, good books improve our standard of living and also console us when we are depressed and encourages. For few of them, a good book is our friend, philosopher, and guide.

Use of Books:

Books can be recycled:

Have completed reading your book? Then don’t leave it on the bookshelf, you can recycle it in many ways. Such as you can giving it to friends, exchanging them at a used bookstore, discarding them in the recycling bin.

As a Gift:

Most of us even gift book as a present which helps to express how much we value the other.

Books Teach us Valuable Points:

Books will help you to gain moral values by reading the books written by saints and famous people. These types of books teach us about the right moral values of becoming a good human being.

As an Educator:

Through books, we can learn basic skills, inform us and challenge us.

In my opinion, computer and books offer a lot of information, and both have value.  To know regarding both, we shall see a few advantages and disadvantages.

Computer Advantages:

  • Computers make our tasks much easier to handle. Moreover, increase the production with the knowledge of the software installed on it.
  • By using computers, the user can save time and effort and also decrease the overall cost to complete a particular task.
  • Computers mainly used for communication and sharing the information on online services and social media like Skype, Facebook, etc.
  • It also helps the student, employee, a professional to access all sort of information on the internet.
  • Moreover, the computers used in every field such as medical, weather forecast, airlines, business, etc.
  • Furthermore, a computer can store a vast amount of information such as books, documents, movies, pictures, and songs digitally.
  • It keeps you entertained by helping you with listening to songs, watching a DVD and Blu-ray or streaming online videos from popular sites like Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube.
  • It also helps to find the jobs easily on the internet with the help of a computer based on their education and experience.

Computer Disadvantages:

  • Thinking ability decreases where it stops us from thinking and solving the problems.
  • By using computers, it may lead to health issues such as disorders in the wrist, neck, back, and eyes.
  • Data security one of the major disadvantage when we use the computers, whereas we store all the private information on the PC where hackers try to gain access to your computer and put you at risk.
  • It stops the face to face conversation between two people.
  • At the same time, harmful to the environment when computers disposed at open grounds they release the harmful chemical such as lead and mercury into the environment.
  • Moreover, it needs uninterrupted electricity to work if there are any power conflicts which may affect the productivity.

Books Advantages:

  • Books are the best companions which help in many situations such as thinking about fresh ideas and facing new challenges.
  • By using and reading the books we will improve vocabulary, get inspired, and a great escape into a new world that you never even dreamed about.
  • Moreover, it helps to gain knowledge regarding social cultures, and historical periods, etc.
  • Books are one of the best stress relievers and encourage positive thinking. At the same time, it also stimulates your mind to get off from troubles.

Books Disadvantages:

  • If you read a book for a long time, you can get eye strain.
  • With books, we cannot feel the sound or the special effects.
  • Books make you live in a world of characters and lets you stop interacting with people or attending social gatherings.


I think for me both computer and book has equal importance and it depends on us how we use them. Realistically, we cannot live without modern technologies, but computers will never replace books. However we should also not forget the existence of books as there is saying that stones can never replace diamonds. Most of us need to have a clarity for choosing what we need instead of what is available to us.

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