World Computer Literacy Day – 2nd December

World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated every year on 2nd December for promoting awareness amongst people for computers across the world.

‘World Computer Literacy Day’

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World computer literacy day was first celebrated in the year 2001 on the auspicious occasion of 20th anniversary of a famous Indian computer company named NIIT, which worked and globally manifested the idea of the importance of computer by providing and developing high technology computers.

rld Computer Literacy Day is celebrated every year on 2nd December for promoting awareness
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The computer is an electronic device which is commonly used for storage and processing of data. The full form of computer is the ‘Common Operating Machine’. A Computer consists of ‘Hardware and Software’. The term hardware defines the physicals parts or components of computer such as a mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc. Computers are also used for calculation works and maintaining proper records in large enterprises. The first computer was invented in the 19th century by an English renowned mathematics professor named Charles Babbage. He gave the base design of computer which was an Analytical engine which is even used till today in modern-day computers.

A Brief History of the Computer With Timeline

In the modern era computers have shared an extraordinary contribution and has made a crucial existence in people’s lives today. Since the invention from time to time many evolutions were done in the technology of computers, one of the valuable changes was its development from analytical to digital.

Today computers are fast and easily accessible and have the power to process information in seconds and are very light weighted apart from old slow processing computers. Computers are very beneficial to human life and should be advertised amongst people so that they can access it’s benefits and nourish their life with the newest technology.

World Computer Literacy Day was introduced for the sole reason of making people aware of the computers where this technology hasn’t yet reached so that people may be made aware of this device and they may have benefits of it. Some of the common ways of spreading awareness is advertising using social media, media channels which would aware of people with its benefits and usage.

Computer is a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a finite set of
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