World Wide Web Day on 1st August

The WWW(World Wide Web) Day is celebrated on 1st August, every year. It is a global celebration dedicated to internet web browsing, the online activities that bring the world at our fingertips and a wealth of information at our feet.

The World Wide Web Day is celebrated on 1st August, every year.

The computer scientist from British namely “Sir Tim Berners-Lee” came with the thought of WWW (World Wide Web) in the year 1989 in Geneva, CERN center, Switzerland. He successfully investigated it in the year 1990. At last, his publicity was completed and accessed on the 23rd of August, 1991. The term WWW or just the ‘Web’ is a global information medium which users can use through computers by connecting it to the Internet to read/write.

This is the day which can be celebrated globally and turned into the main opportunity among the people in different ways like transaction, communication that would have been incredible to earlier generations.

The celebration of the World Wide Web can be done like getting online, taking selfies to post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Also, one can argue with trolls on the blogs, attending Voice over IP (VoIP) meetings to converse the climate, data back up to servers which are to be found across the globe. Users can also sync their pictures to see, book a doctor’s appointment through online, and convey our views.

The world has changed due to the benefits of the Internet. So this is a benefit for all of us due to its wide growth in the fields like businesses, individuals, students, journalists, consultants, programmers, corporate, etc. Indeed, at present when we notice small businesses they have their ideas easy to access the website as well as mobile apps.

What is the World Wide Web?

World Wide Web is a collection of information stored in the form of interconnected web pages. These web pages are connected such that they form a web-like structure over the internet. That’s why it is called the World Wide Web.

There are 4.39 billion internet users around the world in 2019.  The World Wide Web project combines the methods of hypertext as well as information recovery to make powerful and easy information system worldwide.

This was started with an idea that vast educational information must available without restraint to anybody. It aspires to permit the sharing of information in globally separated groups, and the distribution of information with the support groups.

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